In this support articles you can find the steps to link a tenders to contracts. 

Tender refers to the submitted bid or offer, while the Contracts concern the awarded winning submission(s)

Note: In order to execute this action, you must first navigate to the Results tab, make a selection within the ‘BT-142' field, and choose either ‘At least one winner was selected’ or 'The winner has not been chosen yet, but the competition is still ongoing.’ 

In order to link a contract to a tender, it is essential that you have already added a tender under the Tenders tab. 

To link tenders to contracts:

While in the Results form:

  1. Click Contracts on the left-side menu.

  2. Click +Add contract.

  3. Scroll down to field Tenders (BT-3202), and select a tender from the dropdown, if there are no options showing in the dropdown you must first add a tender, for more information click here (Delete this text, link the article to link tenders to tendering parties)

The filled-in information has been automatically saved. You should be able to see the contact added under the list on the Contracts’ tab.