This support article provides insights into reading the errors within the e-form fields

Note: Please keep in mind that these examples are provided for illustrative purposes. The fields displayed below, may be pre-filled, mandatory or locked depending on the country legislation and/or Mercell system.

Locked fields cannot be changed on the notice editor, neither by customer service agents, the changes must happen on the system of origin and the notice must be created again.

Field type


Field type


Fields prefilled

The information in the form has been automatically pulled from the tendering system it looks as default text which can be edited within the notice editor. There is no characteristic to differentiate these fields from others.  

Fields prefilled and locked

The text is bold, the field is grey it out, you can hoover over the item but cannot edit. 

The locked information was retrieved from your system of origin.


Fields not prefilled non-mandatory

The field is empty, the field borderline is grey


Fields not prefilled mandatory

The field is empty, the header of the field has a red asterisk (*), the field’s borderline is red, under the field the red text Required appears. 

You won’t be able to publish unless all mandatory fields have been filled.