You are a participant in a tender with one or more lots, each lot contains a questionnaire for you to complete. You can submit for the lot or lots that are relevant to you.

Answering questions in a lot

When you open the tender from your overview you will see a different listing in the left menu than in a regular tender, for example you will not see "Question & Answer", you will see this once you have opened a plot. In the left menu you can click on Lots start page or Submit, in both you will find the lot overview.

The overview contains a standard 'lot' named General with optional created lots underneath. For example:

  • General
  • Lot 1
  • Lot 2 
  • Lot 3
  • ... Etc.

Open a lot from the lot overview and in the left menu navigate to Offer (note that the buyer may rename it) with the red block 'Not submitted'. There you will find a questionnaire to complete.

Submit lots

If you have finished answering questions in a lot you can select the lot or lots relevant to you in the left menu under Submit and submit using the Submit Selection button. The lot General is standard preselected.