This article explains in a few steps how to complete the digital UEA form. Called ESPD (European Single Procurement Document) in English. 

Filling out the digital UEA form

  1. Open the tender questionnaire and navigate to the UEA/ESPD question.
  2. Click on Fill Out. A new tab opens with the web interface for the Uniform European Procurement Document.
  3. The buying organization has prepared the form for you, continue filling in what is applicable to you.
  4. Go through the steps of the form up to Done. There, choose Overview and check the entire form. 
  5. Click Save if everything is correct.
  6. You will be returned to Mercell Source-To-Contract. You have finished filling out the form. A PDF file is saved with the copy of the content. 
  7. In the questionnaire in Mercell Source-To-Contract, click Save/Save and Close at the bottom right to save your answer. 


If the buyer also requires a UEA/ESPD form with wet signature, you will need to upload it. 

  • Select the PDF file on the right using the 3-point menu to download the PDF after going through step 6. 
  • Print and sign this file and then upload the signed PDF file in the same question using the Upload button.