If you participate in a tender, you have the opportunity to ask questions about elements of the tender. For example, a question about a document or an element from the questionnaire.

You can prepare questions in two ways, namely from the Questionnaire and via the Question & Answer module.

Read below how you can do this.

Asking questions via Question & Answer

  • Open the tender from your tender overview
  • Navigate to Question & Answer in the left menu
  • Click the Ask Question button in the top right and choose a reference from the tender, click Next
  • Compose your question in the text area and click on Save as Draft
  • Your message is saved in the Draft tab, ready to send or edit   
  • In the Draft tab, your question or questions are ready to send. Click on the 3-point menu behind the question and choose Submit or click on the Submit all questions button at the bottom right if you want to send several questions at once.

Asking questions from Questionnaire

You are working in the questionnaire in the tender. 

  • At the top right of each question you will see a speech bubble with a '?' 
    • click on it if you have a question about the particular question you are working on. The question is now linked to a reference.
  • Enter your question in the text area and click on Save as draft
  • Your question is ready to be sent in Question & Answer in the left menu. Follow the steps described in Question & Answer

You will find your submitted questions in the tab Submitted. As soon as the buyer publishes answers to questions, you will see these in the tab Published. You will then receive a notification.

Tip: If you have several questions in the system, you can easily import your questions using an import sheet that you can download from Question & Answer (also included as an appendix in this article). Fill the file with your questions and click on the 3-point menu next to the Ask question button and choose Import questions. 

When importing, you can link a reference per question (line in the file), click Save.