In this article, you will read what CPV codes are and how to set them up in your organisation profile.

Procurement codes are used to categorise tenders. Within Europe, CPV codes are used. CPV stands for Common Procurement Vocabulary and is a European list of codes developed by the European Union, also known as Common Procurement Vocabulary. Contracting authorities must apply this classification system in European tenders.

If you are a supplier, you can set several CPV codes in your organisation account. This allows you to state which products or services you supply. This way, your organisation can be found by buyers using Mercell Source-To-Contract. You will also be notified about tenders published with corresponding CPV codes. 

Setting up procurement codes

  1. Click on Organisation Settings in the left menu.
  2. Choose on the Organisation Profile tab.
  3. Scroll to CPV Codes and Notifications and click on Edit
  4. Tick the desired CPV codes and click Save

Delete procurement codes

On the left-hand menu, click Organisation Settings.

Select on the Organisation Profile tab.

Scroll to CPV Codes and Notifications and click View

Uncheck the CPV codes you no longer wish to be notified about and click Save


Notifications about CPV codes are sent to the organisation's main contact.

Are there more colleagues who would like to receive these notifications? Then add them to 'Colleagues who receive notifications'.