This article explains how you can send verification questions to (provisionally) awarded bidders. 

Sending verification questions

  • Go to Award.
  • Click on Select, select the awarded provider and save.
    • Open the Verification tab; here you will see all the questions that have been marked as verification questions.
  • You can mark additional verification questions by clicking on Add and selecting the desired question.
  • Click on the pencil icon to set the deadline for submission.
  • Finally, click Start Verification in the lower right-hand corner and the verification phase will be accessible to the supplier.

Assessing verification questions

  • Go to Award
  • Open the Verification tab; you will now see the documents uploaded by the supplier for each verification question.
  •  You can download the verification documents individually, or use Download All.
  • After assessing the verification documents click on Approved / Rejected.


                Click on Approve and then on Notify Provider.

                Not approved

                Click Reject, then you have the following choice; 

                Allow new submission or Disqualify the bidder altogether.

Read here how to create the Verification Questions.