In this article you will read how to set up verification questions.

After the winner of a tender is known, the supporting documents can be requested. 

The verification of evidence can be integrated into the tender. 

For each question in the questionnaire, you can simply indicate whether it should be verified later.

Read below how you can do this.

Creating verification questions

  • Create a new question through the Content by clicking on Add
  • Select the desired question type and set up the question
  • Select the option 'Awarded provider must verify answer'.
    • In an existing question, click on the cogwheel icon
    • Check the option 'Awarded provider must verify answer'
  • Verification bar will be visible next to the question

Once the general assessment has been completed, you can indicate within 'Award' which bidder will be awarded the contract by selecting the awarded bidder(s). The verification questions can then be sent to this party.

Find out how to send suppliers the verification questions here.