In August 2019, the European Directive promoting clean and energy efficient road vehicles (2019/1161/EU) was adopted. Most commonly referred to as the Clean Vehicles Directive (CVD). The aim of the directive is to promote the use of clean, energy-efficient vehicles through public procurement.

For whom

The Clean and Energy Efficient Vehicles Directive applies to all contracting authorities, namely governments and semi-public institutions, such as (air) ports, network operators, environmental services, higher education and energy companies. From August 2, 2021, every contracting authority must comply with the requirements of the Directive in new European tenders.


The monitoring of the Directive will be done through the procurement forms. Contracting authorities are asked to indicate in the tender forms (field II.2.14 or field VI.3) how many vehicles have been tendered clean. 

To assist in the process, PIANOo will be in touch when a contracting authority has published a contract notice to which the Scheme applies. It can also provide the contracting authority with further information about the Scheme if required.

Questions? Please contact the PIANOo helpdesk at or (070) 379 82 99.

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