What will change in Negometrix4 on September 16, 2021? 

From that date, the name of Negometrix4 will change to “Mercell Source-to-Contract". The look & feel of the platform will also change, bringing it more in line with Mercell's branding. 


Why this change? 

At the beginning of this year Negometrix was acquired by Mercell. Since the end of May, the company name has been changed to Mercell Netherlands. By changing our product name, we are ensuring consistency in the Mercell product portfolio. Negometrix4 will be the Source-to-Contract platform within the Source-to-Pay software offering from Mercell. Hence the new name: Mercell Source-to-Contract. 


Do I need to do anything for this change? 

The change is automatically implemented in the platform, you don't have to do anything. You may have mentioned Negometrix4 in templates and internal documents at this point. We recommend changing this name to Mercell Source-to-Contract as of September 16. 


Will this change also apply to suppliers? 

Yes, also on the supplier side the name of Negometrix4 will be changed to Mercell Source-to-Contract. Suppliers will also be informed about this by us. 


Will the URL of the platform also change? 

No, the URL of the platform will remain as it is now. 


Do I have to log in somewhere else? 

No, you will still log in in the same way and URL.  


Do the e-mail addresses used for sending notifications, invitations, reports, etc. change? 

No, these remain unchanged. 


What happens to the legal Dutch entity of Negometrix BV? 

Negometrix BV has been updated to Mercell Nederland B.V. 

What happens to Negometrix3?

Negometrix3 will not change.


How do I stay informed of further communication about this? 

Subscribe to our Release Notes for further coverage and tips on this name change. We will also inform you there about further activities we are organizing in support of this announcement. 


Can I already see what the platform will look like in the new styling? 

Yes, that's possible. See a screenshot below.