3 June 2021

Tender management

Add suppliers to a mini-competition that has already started

From now on, it is possible to add suppliers, admitted to a Dynamics Purchasing System, to an already started mini-competition.

Supplier relationship management

Add roles to vendor contact persons

In the May 12 update, we already introduced some improvements around managing supplier contacts.

You can import contacts, suppliers can manage their contact persons themselves and a new report is available for buyers.

With this release, different authorizations are also linked to the roles, administrator and member.

An 'administrator' can perform all available actions on behalf of the supplier in the various menus within Supplier Relationship Management (such as managing statements, sending messages and adding documents).

'Members' only have viewing rights. This is therefore the default role that a new contact person is assigned.

When adding a new contact person, the supplier who adds a colleague determines whether the colleague is given an administrator role.

Tender management NegometrixPortal, Contract management and Performance measurement

Manage categories in Negometrix4 instead of in 'Classic'

In the modules Tender management NegometrixPortal, Contract management and Performance measurement, managing the categories is now available in Negometrix4. This was previously only available in 'Classic'.

With the categories you divide parts of these three modules into an appropriate category. For example, you place a tender for Laptops in a category such as IT/Hardware.

To manage these categories, a new 'Categories' menu is available in the 'Organization settings' menu.

Open in this menu to import, export, delete or modify categories.

12 May 2021

Intake management

Archive declined requests

Currently requests are kind of stuck in the tab ‘Evaluated’ in the Intake management module in case a request is not converted into a tender or declined. 

To enable users to better manage the requests in the tab ‘Evaluated’ a second option to move requests to the tab ‘Archive’ has been created. Next to declining a request a request can now also be closed. When closing a request, the request is moved to the tab ‘Archive’. In the tab ‘Archive’ the request will be shown with the status ‘Closed’. In addition, the user needs to add a comment related to closing the request (e.g. reason why the request is closed/moved to the archive).

Tender management (Negometrix4)


New: Tender reports 

This first release includes the ability to gather basic data on all of your tenders.  

My reports 

In the main menu, you will find a new option: My reports. Your organization administrator can activate this feature for you to create reports.

Creating new reports

Within My reports, you easily set up your first report. 

Simple drag and drop the desired data in the middle of the screen to create the columns of your report.  
Once you are ready, save the report and view the results. You can edit the report...

... or export it as a spreadsheet.  

New: Schedule Templates 

Up until now, a buyer was required to completely create a new schedule for each tender. Many events are actually common for every tender. With these templates, you can now set up your new tenders much faster. 

Related events 

With these new templates, you can relate events to each other. Instead of setting specific dates for each event, you will relate the date of an event to that of a previous or next event in the schedule. 

For example, the deadline for submitting offers - you can set the date to a fixed 40 days after the publication date of the tender. The same for the deadline for posing questions. You could set the date for this deadline to a fixed number of days before the deadline of submitting offers.

In your new tender, you select your template and fill in the start date (like the date you want to publish the tender or send out your invites). All events will then automatically receive their correct date and time.  

Improvements for mobile devices

The interface of Negometrix4 has been greatly improved for mobile devices. The general navigation, your tender overview and navigation in a tender has been renewed.  

Right after you log in, you see your overview with tenders. If you tap on a tender, you will be presented with our new slide-view of all your tenders. You can swipe through them one by one (people with Instagram know how this works ? ).  

The navigation in a tender is now more user-friendly with larger buttons and a different set up.   

Navigating between tenders
Navigating inside a tender

Improvements for Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS) 

  • View and manage categories in mini competitions.
  • New search functionality added to the Evaluation menu in a DPS.
  • Starting a mini competition was always followed by an email to the suppliers and a notification in the notification center. The notification in Messages is therefore redundant and will not be shown anymore.  
  • You can now add processes for mini competitions to your existing DPS.  

Improvements for notified suppliers based on procurement codes  

Last update included a new feature for buyers to see which suppliers received a notification about their published tender, based on the suppliers' procurement code selection.  

We have improved this overview now with a search box and an export. You can now search for specific suppliers and see their status, or export the whole list in a spreadsheet.

Other improvements 

  • New Excel export available: all evaluations and motivations within the score tab in Evaluation. 
  • Offer screen for suppliers: navigate easily between multiple offers from one offer to the other. 
  • Adding a new round in a tender: in Schedule, only mandatory events will be copied to the next round (like the deadline for submission of offers), instead of all created events.

Supplier relationship management

Supplier contact import function

The usage of the Supplier Management module is growing: not only the number of organizations using it, but also the number of suppliers that are being managed through the module. This has made the need for a more efficient way of adding contacts more eminent. Therefore a supplier contact import function has been added.

In order to import supplier contacts an Excel sheet with the following columns needs to be created: company id, company name, username, role.

The import process is started by clicking the ‘Import supplier contacts’ button in the tab ‘Suppliers (see screenshot below). Clicking this button will open an assistant that supports the import process. 

Allow suppliers to manage contactpersons

From now on supplier contacts can manage contacts without involvement from the buying organization. With this release supplier contacts with both the role administrator and member are able to 

1) add new contacts, 2) delete contacts and 3) change the role of a contact. 

Supplier contact report

In the SRM module a new type of report, named ‘Supplier contacts’, has been added. This report enables users from the buying organization te create reports listing relevant data related to supplier contacts being added to a supplier. 

Support pages renewed

All the support pages for the previously NegometrixPortal modules Intake management, Tender management, Contract management and Supplier Relationship management have been renewed. Have a look by clicking the Support button in the top right corner of your screen.

8 April 2021

The focus in this release is on Tender management and the former NegometrixPortal modules Intake management, Supplier relationship management and Contract management.

  • Tender management:
    • publication forms updated to the latest versions
    • set up approval for the awarding statement
    • insight into the suppliers notified by CPV codes
    • improvements around partner organizations in tenders
  • Intake management: set up dynamic approvals
  • Supplier relationship management: renewed authorizations
  • Contract management: export all documents
  • Other changes to user rights, ZIP exports and Suppliers tab in tenders

Tender management Negometrix4

Publication forms updated

The latest publication forms by TED have been implemented in Negometrix4. Some changes have been made to the NUTS codes.

Set up approval for the award statement

Earlier this year, we launched the tender approval workflow in Negometrix4. With this, you can request approval from your colleagues about the content of your tender and the award advice. As of today, the award statement has been added.

Insight into the suppliers that are notified by the CPV codes

If you publish a tender, you include CPV codes in your publication. Suppliers can indicate in their organization profile which CPV codes they want to be notified about. This will keep them informed of interesting tenders on Negometrix4. As a buyer you can now see which suppliers have been informed by your publication. Interested? Then contact your account manager at Negometrix, who can activate the feature for you.

Improvements around partner organizations in tenders

In Negometrix4 it is possible to add multiple organizations to your team. This way you work together with colleagues from your own organization, but also from other organizations. Some improvements have been made to this functionality.

For example, it used to be that adding an organization directly led to the addition of the administrator. That has now changed. You invite someone based on an email address and they activate the invitation by opening it.

As soon as that happens, as a buyer you will see that Partner organizations are listed which organizations are partners in your team. The relevant colleague of that organization is then added as a Viewer.

Intake management

Set up dynamic approvals instead of fixed approvals

Instead of setting all approvers in the set-up of the Intake management module, it is now possible for the applicant to indicate who should approve the request. A new ID tag is available to link to the approval workflow.

This will automatically add an e-mail address entered in the purchase request as an approver to the approval workflow.

Supplier relationship management

Renewed authorizations

Until now, anyone who had access to the Supplier relationship management module could see and edit suppliers. There was no authorization per supplier.

This has changed with this update. Colleagues with access to the Supplier relationship management module can no longer work with all suppliers by default and edit them. You now grant colleagues authorization per supplier.

It works like this with possible 3 scenarios:

  1. User has access to the module, but has not been added as a vendor manager at one or more suppliers:
    • All suppliers will be visible within Suppliers, but only the Profile can be viewed within a supplier.
  2. User has access to the module and has been added at some suppliers as a vendor manager with the role "Follower":
    • The user sees all suppliers within Suppliers, but can see everything at a couple of suppliers because of that role. The user cannot perform any actions within those suppliers.
  3. User has access to the module and has been added at some suppliers as a vendor manager with the role 'Manager'
    • The user sees all suppliers within Suppliers, and can see and edit everything at some suppliers because of that role.

Instead of adding colleagues one by one to suppliers, you can also work with user groups.

Finally, an extra role has been added: "Supplier relationship management default user". A user with this role can access the module but cannot add new suppliers. Depending on the role at a supplier, a user with this role may or may not edit information about a supplier.

This role is primarily intended for users who do not need to be able to enter suppliers, but who must be able to view and edit supplier data to a greater or lesser extent.

Contract management

Export all documents

It is now possible to export all documents at once in the Contract management module. If you want to use this, please contact your account manager at Negometrix. He can activate the feature for you. This feature is to support an efficient deactivation of the Contract management module (and not yet for regular periodic archive purposes).

Other changes

  • Userrights: a new user can be added directly to new user groups without waiting for registration.
  • Tendermanagement:
    • the Suppliers tab now contains pagination per 30 suppliers.
    • the ZIP export has been expanded with award statement, award advice and award letters.

22 March 2021

In this update, several improvements have been released for Tender management Negometrix4, as well as for the modules previously available in NegometrixPortal.

Tender management (Negometrix4)

  • The Public Buyer Profile has been renewed and updated with new tabs. Besides general information and tenders, there is tab for contracts available (mainly used by buyers in the United States)
  • You can now set up the pricing component without a total price (if allowed in the BPM process). Simply remove the total price after adding the pricing component in your requirements.
  • View a publication on NegometrixToday straight from the tender.
  • Add documents to text items, to prevent using yes/no questions for sharing files.
  • The visibility of comments in evaluation is now more clear.

Tender management (both NegometrixPortal and Negometrix4 versions)

All publication forms have been updated to the newest version.

Contract management – phasing out of Classic (address book)

For users who have only access to the contract management module there is currently no way in Negometrix4 to add and modify suppliers. These activities have to be executed via Classic. This release will change this by making a limited set of functionality from the Supplier management module available to Contract management users. These users will now also see the menu ‘Supplier management’ when logging in which gives them access to the supplier list in this module and the option to modify data from a supplier.  

For all modules previously known as  NegometrixPortal

Content ownership - At the moment there are several menu’s for which only the person who created the content of the menu can modify it (e.g. messaging templates). This is causing problems since not everybody with administrator rights can modify the required content. As part of this release authorizations have been adjusted so users with admin rights for a certain menu can also modify content of other users.

Labels of security groups language dependent - Currently the naming/labels of the different ‘Portal security groups’ in the menu User rights in Negometrix4 is shown in one language. Most of the time this is Dutch. With this release the possibility is added to show the labels in the language of the user.