If there are new questions from suppliers, you can assign them to one or more colleagues. In this way, your colleagues can draft up their proposed answer, with the aim of arriving at a definitive answer.

Assigning questions to colleagues

  • Navigate to the Question and Answer tab
  • You will see the following tabs there:
    • New
    • In progress
    • Ready
    • Published
  • Go to New and click into a new question on the three-point icon
  • Choose Assign to colleagues
  • Select the colleagues to whom you want to assign the question and click on Assign
    • Please note: These colleagues need to have user rights View Questions and Answers before you can select and assign them.
  • Move the question you have assigned to the In Progress¬†tab, ready for your colleagues to answer
  • You can see the progress of the assigned questions behind the question by indicated colored lines
    • Yellow: To be review by colleagues
    • Green: Answered by colleagues

Publishing Assigned Questions

  • Go via Question and Answer to the tab In process and click on Answer.
  • You will see the answers proposed by your colleague(s) there.
  • If you want to apply one or more of these answers, click Copy behind the answer. The answer will be pasted into the text field. You can still edit the answer yourself by clicking on Edit.