Changes can be made to a current solicitation in the offer phase. This can be done by means of Drafts.

Creating a Draft

The Draft feature is located within the Properties tab in the lefthand menu of a specific solicitation. This feature can only be used in a phase in which suppliers are in the process of completing and submitting their offer. Clicking the "Edit solicitation" button will take you to a draft environment. This can be seen from the clear, yellow bar at the top.

In this, draft changes can be made in places where this was not possible at first. Think of changes in the planning, properties, and content. All changes made in the draft are not immediately visible to the providers.

Click on Publish in the upper right corner to publish the draft with the changes. Your old tender will be overwritten with the new data. Providers will not be notified of this so you may post an announcement. 


When the tender is published on puiblished tenders page, a new .zip-file will immediately become available for providers. New providers will always see the latest version, the old version will remain available.