Suppliers may receive multiple notifications during the solicitation process. They may check their notifications by clicking the notification bell at the top of their screen. Some notifications will also be sent through email. Below is an overview regarding notification details: 

Type of notificationWho receives the notification?E-mail notification
Received new messageAll team members
Vault opened (depending on buyer's choice)
All team membersYes
Submittal of quotes started All team membersNo
Submittal of quotes endedAll team membersNo
Submit quote deadline in 24 hoursAll team membersYes
Submit quote deadline in 7 daysAll team membersYes
Submit questions deadline in 24 hoursAll team membersOnly if there are questions still in draft
New answers published (Q&A)All team membersYes
New round startedAll team membersNo
Quote submittedAll team membersYes
Quotation withdrawnAll team membersYes