The Mercell Source-to-Contract Question & Answer module allows the import of answers to questions that have already been posed.

Import answers into Question & Answer

  1. In the solicitation, go to Question & Answer.
  2. Click in the upper right corner of the menu icon and choose Export to Excel.
  3. The spreadsheet contains all the questions asked and a column for filling in the answers. Save the file after the answers have been filled in.
  4. Then choose Import questions and upload the file.
  5. After the import, answered questions are in Draft. Check if the import is successful.  You also have the possibility to change the reference of the question. You can publish these per question or you can choose to publish all questions at once at the bottom right.


Questions that were already published without an answer will be published immediately after the import, including the answer. These do not have to be published after all.