Import multiple questions simultaneously from Excel

It is possible to import multiple questions simultaneously into Mercell Source-to-Contract from one Excel.

  1. Open Question & Answer in the solicitation from the overview on the left.
  2. Navigate to the menu icon on the top right:
    1. Choose the file Download import file: with this you download the import file in which you can fill in your questions in column A. Save this file.
    2. Import questions: Choose Import questions and upload the file in which you put your questions.
    3. You have asked one question per element. Before you can publish your questions, you still need to link one item per question. You can do this at the top right of the column by using the arrows per question. Then click on Save and your questions will appear in Draft.
  3. Imported questions will be prepared as a draft question. You can still edit per question and then choose to publish it or submit all questions at the bottom right.