When you add colleagues to the organization profile, you can set user rights. This article explains how to create a colleague group and set certain user rights. Note: For this you need the right to manage user groups.


The user rights are not set per person, but per group. Per group you assign a number of rights. By default there are two groups: "Administrators" and "All colleagues". The latter group can be seen as miscellaneous

colleagues and can theoretically be assigned to multiple groups. All permissions will then simply be added together.

Modify user group

  • Expand the User Rights tab (left menu) and click on the Administrators tab. Here you will see an overview of all colleagues in this group.
  • Click on Add to add an existing colleague to this group
  • Scroll down to see the current permissions associated with this group. You can change them by checking or unchecking the permissions.

Creating a user group

  • Go to User rights on the left side of the menu. Here you will see an overview of the different groups.
  • Click on New to create a new user group.
  • Here you can name the group, add users, and specify which rights this group should have.
  • To finish, click Save


Within a tender, one has the possibility to add colleagues to the organization. These colleagues are automatically added to the group All colleagues. For security reasons, it is recommended not to grant any rights to this group. The people who are allowed to determine the user rights can place these people in the right group.