Formula: the price score is correlated with the lowest price (formerly known as Low Bid Scoring formula)

EMVI score = WQ x Qi + WP x Pbest/Pi

WQ = Weighing quality

Qi = Quality of own registration

WP = Weighing price

Pbest = The price of the offer with the lowest price

Pi = Price own registration

The formula is a sum of the quality score (WQ x Qi) and the price score (WP x Pbest/Pi).

It is the most widely used award formula in the world.

Quality Q

The quality score is established as with most other formulas; WQ x Qi; i.e. multiplying the weight of quality (WQ) by the score of the quotation in question (Qi) is the quality score of quotation "i".

In practice, WQ x Qi is a sum of multiple (sub)-quality criteria and multiple sub-scores of the quotation i per (sub)-quality criterion. So WQ1 x Q1i + WQ2 x Q2i + etc.

Price P

The number of price points per quotation i is calculated on the basis of WP x Pbest/Pi

For the offer with the lowest price Pi = Pbest applies.

The number of P points is then WP x 1 = the maximum number of prize points. WP stands for total weight of Price.

An offer with a higher price than Pbest gets (of course) less price points. For example, if the price of offer i is twice as high as the lowest price, then i gets half of the maximum number of price points; because WP x Pbest / (2 x Pbest) = WP x 1 / 2 is half, or 50% of the total price points.