After you have completed your assessment and proceed to the award, you can complete the award in three steps.

This article explains how to do this.

Complete the award

  • Navigate to Award on the left side of the overview. You will see 3 steps on the screen:
    1. Select> Here you can select and save the offer of the winning er(s).
    2. Create internal award result> A place to add documents of award results for internal communication.
    3. Finish> Here you complete the award or you can return to the Assessment if it is not yet complete.
  • Step 1, select the Award box to the right of the awarded bidder's bid and click Save.
  • Step 2, add your internal award results using an upload or create a document using a template.
  • Step 3, click on Finish Award or Re-open assessment if the assessment turns out to be incomplete.

If you have completed the award, the date and time of the award will be displayed. You can still edit the award by clicking on the Back to award button.

You can then share the award with the winning bidder(s) by sending an Award message.