Send award message

You have the possibility to share the award with the winning supplier(s). In this article you can read how to send an award notice.

Send award notice

  1. Navigate to Award on the left side of the overview
  2. At the top right of the award page you will find the button Send award message, click on it to create a message.
    • Use the menu icon at the top right of New message to choose a message template.
  3. Type the name of a recipient(s) or add an e-mail address via the line in bold Add an e-mail address here.
  4. At the next line, add the title of the subject and then set up the message in the text area.
    • Add any documents to your message using the Upload button in the lower right corner of the text area.
  5. Click on Preview at the bottom left to see how the message is displayed.
  6. Click Saveat the bottom right if you still want to postpone and save the message or click Send if you want to send the message directly.
    • Note: If you save your message, it can be found in Messages under¬†Drafts. Open the message to be able to send it.