The Uniform European Tendering Document (ESPD) is the standard form that is applied to tenders both above and below the European tendering threshold that takes place pursuant to the Procurement Act 2012. It can be requested as .pdf, but is also increasingly being requested digitally (i.e. in the browser).

Fill in the digital ESPD form

  1. Open the tender questionnaire and navigate to the question with the ESPD.
  2. Click on Fill in. A new tab opens with the web interface for the European Single Procurement Document.
  3. The purchasing organization has prepared the form for you, fill in what is applicable to you.
  4. Go through the steps from the form up to and including Done. Choose Overview and check the complete form. 
  5. Click on Save if everything is correct.
  6. You will be returned to Negometrix. You have finished filling in the form. A PDF file with the copy of the content is visible.

In many cases the Purchasing organization would also like a ESPD form with a wet signature. In that case, you need to sign the completed ESPD form and add it to this question via the 'upload' button.

Fill in multiple ESPD's

If you want to fill in and add multiple ESPD's, please choose the Fill in button again.