Within a solicitation (RFP, ITB, RFQ) you can collaborate with colleagues. You can also determine who gets which roles and rights.

Add colleagues

When you start a solicitation, you are automatically the only member within the solicitation. You are lead buyer, which means you have all available rights.

Mercell sets three roles by default: Lead buyers, Evaluators and Viewers. Behind each role is a set of rights. This way you can create different roles and assign specific colleagues to them as needed. To add colleagues to one of the existing roles, click on Add colleague in one of the groups. You can choose from colleagues who are registered in your organization by clicking the individual colleague and then hit save.

Creating a new role

You can create your own role with the corresponding rights. To do so, click on Create Role at the top right. A pop-up will appear in which you can give the role a name and indicate which rights are attached to this role. Note: A license is required for the first category of rights.

Partner organizations

Of course, you can also add people who are not working within your own organization (outside agency, consultant, etc.). To add these people you can add a partner organization. Scroll to the bottom and click on Add Partner Organization. Here you can invite the person from the partner organization by e-mail.

When you select an organization, all Administrators of this organization will be added. They can then add colleagues within their own organization.