In this article you can read how to create structure between parent and subsidiary organizations.

As a parent organization you can invite a subsidiary organization within your account. As a subsidiary organization you can link the parent organization to your own.

Inviting a subsidiary organization

  • Navigate to Organization Profile in the menu on the left.   
  • Scroll to Miscellaneous and click on Change.
  • Click on Invite in the column Organizational structure and fill in the e-mail address of the subsidiary organization.
  • Then click on Send

Link to parent organization

  • Go through the above steps again.
  • In the Organizational structure column, click on Link with parent organization and enter the e-mail address of the parent organization.
  • Then click on Send.

After the confirmation e-mails have been received, the parent and subsidiary organizations are linked to each other. The parent organization now has an overview of the subsidiary's solicitations.