In the Evaluation tab, supplier offers (bids, proposals) can be evaluated. Using an evaluation model, a score can be attached to the offers submitted. You can read how this model is used below.

 Setting up an evaluation model

To use the assessment model, you must have created an Advanced questionnaire. You cannot rate informative questions. You set the rating model for knockout or weighted questions.

  1. Click on Rating Model in the left menu. This will open under Content.
  2. You will see the questions from the Content tab appear. You can then change the Scale and the number of Points in the columns on the right.
  3. In the Scale column, you can choose from the rating scales that have been prepared from within the organization.
  4. If you want to add another, self defined scale, click on Rating Scales (top right). Here you will find an overview of the scales that have been predefined. Then click on Add.
  5. You can choose between Numeric or Multiple Choice.
    • Numeric allows you to set a lower limit, an upper limit and a unit. An example of this is 0 to 10 with the unit grade.
    • Multiple Choice allows you to determine the steps. An example is Agree (1) and Don't Agree (0) but also, for example, Excellent to Bad.
  6. Click save to save the new scale. Note: You only save it in the solicitation. If you also want to use it for other solicitations, it must be saved under Templates (at the organization level).
  7. Return to the Rating Model and make sure that a scale is set for each question.


  • If you want to use a binary rating scale such as "Agree/Not agree", the software will ask you for a score. The desired answer should have a score of "1", the unwanted answer should have a score of "0".
  • Information questions are for information purposes only. Therefore, they cannot be evaluated.
  • To add rating scales to the organization templates, you must have the rights to do so.