The Process Manager license is a license that gives you the right to create your own processes.

Process manager license

A process manager license is a label that you can assign to people within an organization. With this license you have the ability to create your own processes.

Possibilities of a process

In Mercell Source-To-Contract, each solicitation (RFP, ITB, RFQ) begins with a preset type of  predetermined process (i.e. Published: Submission Deadline set by Schedule, Sealed; Invite only, Direct Access to Responses, etc.). The standard available processes are created by Negometrix. If the purchasing agency has a required workflow that is not covered by the available processes in Negometrix- custom processes can be created.

Within a process, all settings at the solicitation level can be determined. Think of terminology, standard number of rounds, mandatory actions, publishing if necessary, etc. If you are in possession of a Process Manager license, you can edit these processes in cooperation with Negometrix until it is to your liking and fits the needs of your organization.