Mercell has the possibility to import a product list from an Excel. 

Import product list

  1. In the content tab of the solicitation, first click on 'Add' then select "price." Once selected you will be prompted to give a title to this section and press the green check mark. Once saved, you will select the new price section and select 'Add' -> 'Product List' -> 'Import Spreadsheet' and select an Excel document. (Must be an Excel document)
  2. Create an Excel document on your computer. You can enter all information in the first row and in the first column. The system will convert this information into a table. The settings per table will have to be determined later, in Mercell Source-to-Contract.
  3. After you have uploaded your Product List, you will need to set the Total Column by clicking in the cell located at the bottom of the table.
  4. Select the totaling function you desire - 'Column sum' or 'Column average'.
  5. If you want the Column total to be available in the formula for calculating total price select 'Mark as result'.