Within the Content tab, a buyer can create a quote request using various elements. In Mercell Source-to-Contract we make the split between Questionnaires and Price. A product list is an effective way to request the pricing information of the supplier. You can also link this product list with the Price element, so that manual action is no longer needed and errors are minimized.

Creation of a product list

  1. You first need to choose an Advanced questionnaire and then add Price component. You will get this option when you click on Add in an empty questionnaire. A questionnaire will be created that recognizes Mercell as a price component.
  2. When you click on this questionnaire, you will see that two questions are added by default, namely: Price and Price component. This allows you to work when you want to request a total price and a price supplement from the suppliers.
  3. Click here on Add. Here you will see the option Product list. When you click this, you will get the option to start a new product list or to import one from an Excel file. For now we click Compose in Mercell Source-to-Contract.

Designing a product list

  1. You have selected a product list as an element. You will see this in the questionnaire. Click on this element. A pop-up will open with a purple headline.
  2. By default, five columns are created. In column C: Price, you will see a truck on the right-hand side. This is the indicator that this column must be filled in by the supplier. Column D: Total is calculated.
  3. If the standard price list is not sufficient, you can add columns and rows yourself. To do so, click on the + sign in the row below, or in the far-right column. Then choose Text, Numeric, Currency or Formula.
  4. When you choose Formula, you want the software to calculate a column. The default column D: Total is such a calculated field.
  5. To change the settings of column D: Total, hover your mouse over the name. A button with three dots will appear on the right-hand side. Click on this to then click on Column settings.
  6. Under Formula you will see the possibility to create your own formula. You can do this by clicking on the icons below. These are all available elements that you can use to fill in the formula as you wish.
  7. Finally, you will see a filled or empty cell at the bottom of each column. You can determine per column whether you want to see the Total sum or the Average by clicking on this cell and adjusting the settings. You can also indicate which sum (or average) is appropriate for you, as a buyer. This is called Mercell Calculation marked as a result of the product list.

Linking a product list with the price element in the questionnaire

  1. For this purpose, a column is indicated as the result. This column is leading for the final price. At this moment the product list is only an appendix to the total price. After all, the Price element is still a field that you can fill in yourself (by the supplier). To make the product list leading for the total price, we will link these two elements. To do so, go to the price element. This often looks like this.
  2. When you click on the cog on the right, you go to the settings of this element. You will see that you now have two options how you want to receive the price:
    • Suppliers fill in one price. (The supplier fills in his total price here. This element is leading with respect to a possible product list)
    • Use a formula based on a product list in Mercell Source-to-Contract. (The supplier sees this element, but cannot fill it out. This element is filled based on the product list in combination with a formula, if applicable.)
  3. Click on the turquoise field with the name of your product list. The price element will now be filled by the total of the product list. This is the result of the product list. (See the last item under Designing a product list)
  4. The product list is now linked to the price element in the questionnaire.


You can also directly insert a row or column between two existing columns. To do this, click on the Settings button of an existing row or column and indicate where you want to insert the row or column.