In Negometrix, the intention is that you upload the information that is requested and then submit it. This can be done roughly in two different ways. Read here the difference between documents and questionnaires.

Fill in

  • Documents: When you are asked to upload documents in the safe, you can use the Upload button to upload documents from your computer.
  • Questionnaires: When you are asked to fill in one or more questionnaires, you can follow the next steps:
  1. First click on the questionnaire you want to open. You will see your progress per questionnaire.
  2. You will see the structure of the questionnaire. You simply follow the questions the buyer asks you. Your answer can only be the choice between Yes or No, but it may also be necessary to upload a document.
  3. Have you lost track of where you are in the questionnaire? Click on Table of Contents at the top.


Once you have completed your pieces, you can click on the Submit button at the bottom right to send your pieces to the buyer. If you do not see this button, you are at a level 'too deep'. It is then best to use the menu on the left to navigate back. After submission you will always receive a confirmation e-mail.


If you have submitted but still want to change something, you can withdraw your offer. Your data will be saved. Please note: This is only possible before the deadline for submission has passed. After the deadline has passed, your offer will be evaluated by the buyer.