It is possible to ask questions about the solicitation (RFP, ITB, RFQ) via Questions & Answer. In this article you can read how to ask and submit a question to the buyer.

Creating a question

From the Offer tab, you can create questions using the "?" icon on the right-hand side of the page.

  • Open the solicitation from the Dashboard
  • Navigate to Offer on the left and open the questionnaire
  • Click on the "?" icon next to the question and a text area will appear
  • Create your question in the text area and click on Save
    • Important! The question has not been sent yet. It is still in Draft, ready to be sent as a next step.

Submit question

Via the Question & Answer tab, you can submit your Draft question in the following way.

  • Open Question & Answer on the left menu. You will find the following three tabs.
    • Published: Here you can see all the questions asked by suppliers and given answers
    • Draft: Here are the questions you have asked ready for submission
    • Submitted: An overview of your questions
  • Go the Draft tab. Click on the menu icon behind the question. You will see the the following three options.
    • Edit: Here you can edit your question
    • Submit: Use this option to submit your question
    • Remove: This option deletes your question

Click on Submit if you want to ask the question. Your question has moved to the Submitted tab.

Would you like to submit all your questions at once? Then click on the button Submit all questions at the bottom right.

Important step

Once you have published your question, you cannot undo it. Please check your questions while they are still in Draft and make sure they are in final form before clicking on Submit.

You can also ask questions about the Schedule. You will also find the "?" icon in the Schedule tab.

Answered questions

As soon as the buyer has given an answer to your question, you will receive an e-mail. To read the answer please follow the steps below:

  • Open the Question & Answer in the solicitation
  • Click on the Published tab
  • At the top, you will find the most recently given answers by the buyer

Notifications questions and answers

When new answers are published, you will immediately receive a notification. If new answers are published within an hour, you will receive a new notification an hour after the first notification. This is to prevent you from being overloaded with several e-mails.