When you use an Advanced questionnaire, you have several question types at your disposal. On the basis of these question types you can create your quotation request.

Question types

  • Yes/No: When you choose this question type, ask the supplier to choose Yes or No.
  • Document upload: The supplier can only upload a document here. This can be more than one document. There is a maximum file size of 2 GB per document.
  • Price: With this you add a price element. Here the supplier can enter a total price. You can also choose to use a Product list and link it to the price element. More information about the product list can be found here.
  • Open question: You create a text field for the supplier in which he can enter text. You can choose a maximum of 4,000 characters.
  • Multiple choice: With this question type you give the supplier different answer options. The answer options can be entered when you click on the cogwheel icon next to the question.
  • Value: The supplier can enter a (numerical) value here. In combination with a weighted question (see Question settings) you can enter a range. Mercell will automatically calculate how many points someone gets for a certain value.
  • Evaluation Criterion: This question type allows you to create a question that you will answer yourself during the evaluation phase. The provider cannot answer this question.

Question features

  • Weighted: When you create a Weighted question, you can assign a number of points to this question. This way you can also create a ranking based on points, rather than just price.
  • Knockout: When you Knockout a question, you indicate that a supplier must at least (correctly) complete this question in order for their quote to be acceptable. The term 'knockout' used in Mercell is interchangeable with the term 'nonresponsive.' Knockout questions give buyers the ability to filter offers based onbase qualifications.
        Note: A supplier can always submit, even if knockout questions have not been filled in.
  • Informative: An informative question is a question that has no attribute attached to it.


  • For some question types, you can choose the option Allow Supplier to upload attachments. If you choose this in combination with a question type, the attachment will be considered a secondary question. The question type is always the primary question. This is reflected, for example, in a Yes/No question type in combination with allowing Supplier to upload attachments. The attachment will not reappear as a question to be evaluated because only Yes or No is asked as the primary question.