When you have registered before in one of our platforms you might have to create a new account for Mercell Source-to-Contract.

You might already know Negometrix, Mercell Source-to-Contract now from a request for quotation or tender in the past. At that time you registered your organization or your personal profile in order to participate. Negometrix has been used for almost 20 years by over 300 municipalities, hospitals, provinces, housing corporations and other organizations to request tenders for various projects.

However, you are now invited to participate in a tender on our newest platform: Mercell Source-to-Contract .

More information about our different platforms can be found here.

You might wonder if you need to register again for Mercell Source-to-Contract .

Do you already have login information of NegometrixPortal? Then you can use these data to login to Mercell Source-to-Contract .

Are you registered on Negometrix3? Then you need to register again onMercell Source-to-Contract . Your existing account is not usable on this new platform.