If you have chosen a Basic solicitation format (simple download and upload of documents) you can still enter your evaluations in Mercell Source-to-Contract.


You can see the offers under the Evaluate tab. You can manually enter the total price, any quality score and the ranking. The system will then rank the offers in the order you have indicated.

  • Price: here you can fill in the total price of the supplier.
  • Quality: here you can enter the total number of quality points that you have assigned to the offer of the supplier according to the rating.
  • Ranking: if you enter the number 1 in the best rated offer, it will be placed at the top. If you give the number 2 to the next best rated offer, you will receive a ranking of offers.


It is also possible that offers do not meet your requirements. In that case you can reject the offer. In that case they will no longer be part of the evaluation and the offer will no longer appear in the ranking.