In this article you can read how to search messages by using filters, which filters to use and how to label messages to create a useful overview.

Search with filter

Navigate to Messages in the tender: Click on the search icon, the search bar will appear.

Enter your search term and press SEARCH.

Enter another search term to perform a stacked search. These will appear at the bottom under the Filters heading.

On the right, you can apply a filter by checking the filter and clicking Apply.

Type of filter

  • Received: All messages sent to you
  • Unread by me: All messages that you have not yet read (marked NEW)
  • Read by me: All messages
  • Sent: All messages sent by you
  • Not read by recipient: These are messages that have not yet been read by the recipient. You can still delete these messages. If you delete the message: the receiver will get a notification that there is a new message, but the content of the message will not be visible anymore.

Message labels

  • General
  • Information request
  • Invitation
  • Note of information